Companionship Services

Sometimes having someone to sit and chat, watch a film or go out for a walk with can be just what you need to brighten up your day

Most people take for granted the people they see every day, and how easy it is for them to pop out to see someone when they need company, but elderly people should not be forgotten in this respect just because they cannot do the same.


What we Offer

Opieka North East Ltd offers friendly, flexible companionship services who may feel isolated and lonely, or those who need a little extra conversation or company. Regular companionship can have a large impact on the happiness and wellbeing of individuals and can help people to feel stimulated both mentally and physically.


Why is Companionship Important?

Isolation can cause serious problems later in life and is very common with over one million elderly people in the UK admitting to often or always feeling lonely.  Our companionship services can help with this by having different, stimulating ideas and activities for different individuals which can involve social tasks, having someone to chat with, reminiscing about the past, looking over family photo albums/creating albums and things such as life history books. 

Companionship can bring social interaction, mental stimulation and entertainment and can help to keep feelings of loneliness at bay.


Other Information

Other things that we can provide in our companionship services include things such as trips out to places for example, the seaside as well as walks around local area; activities such as this can be tailored to meet the needs/requests of every individual.

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